Transform your Retail business
with Retailpay

The future survival of retail depends on how fast the sector can adopt technology to streamline processes. RetailPay® exists to solve some of retail’s biggest challenges.

Our Solution for retailers

Our vision is to have products move from supplier to retailer efficiently, with prices kept low for consumers and universal benefits to everyone in the supply chain.

RetailPay empowers you to efficiently sell goods through our point of sale software and devices, with a web-based portal that helps you track your sales, inventory and re-orders.

RetailPay makes worrying about raising money to buy new stock a thing of the past.

RetailPay automatically connects the retailers to suppliers, transporters, distributors and warehouses. It also gives access to insurance, leasing and financing.

Goods are insured against unforeseeable loss along the supply chain up to the point of purchase by the consumer.

RetailPay provides automation which enables accurate and timely data, smart re-ordering, smart restocking and real-time settlement each time goods are sold.


Move your business into the future

We Promise to

Automatically connect you to a wider network of suppliers and variety of products.

Stock your shelves based on demand.

Enable you to use a float system that saves you the risk of handling huge amounts of cash.

Enable efficient reconciliation of both stock and cash leading to optimization of resources.

Offer training and continuous support.


We shall partner with you to unlock New Possibilities

Benefits of RetailPay

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    Less capital required

    Minimum capital and limited borrowing is required on initial investment.

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    Simple and Easy to use system

    Managing a retail store can be complex. With RetailPay, you do not have to worry about book keeping, daily reconciliation and having to deal with supplier payments which can be overwhelming.

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    As a RetailPay merchant, your money is not tied-up in stock and “traditional” retail expenses. This enables you to expand your business and earn more.

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    Wide selection of products

    RetailPay provides flexibility in ordering a wide variety of products from numerous supply partners by simply placing an order on the RetailPay platform and conveniently awaiting timely delivery to your shop.

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    Timely availability of goods on demand

    RetailPay continuously monitors your stock levels and automatically generates re-orders when your stock is running low. Therefore, your shop will always be fully stocked, and you are assured of timely deliveries.

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    Easy and intelligent stocking

    RetailPay helps you monitor your business growth while at the same time eliminating dead stock, by ordering the right stock variety and quantities, it allows you to plan for your business growth.


Keep your shelves stocked, no stress

Features of RetailPay

  • Complete retail platform

    Run all your stores from a single platform.

  • Comprehensive on-boarding

    An on-boarding process will be carried out by Retailpay and partners. The process includes training, monitoring and evaluation.

  • Uninterrupted work-flow

    RetailPay POS software enables you to work both online and offline in relation to internet access.

  • Desktop and mobile POS

    The POS software is accessible both on desktop and on mobile phone to ensure uninterrupted sales in the event of a power outage.

  • Cash management

    Manage all cash movements and reduce errors, theft and variances.

  • Accept mobile and card payments

    Accept mobile money through Mpesa and securely accept credit and debit cards.

  • Stock management

    The system will intelligently manage your stock and automate your reorders.

  • Inventory Management

    Manage your inventory more effectively by keeping an eye on inventory levels, low stock information and stock on hand.

  • Stock transfers

    Easily transfer items from one location to another.

  • Insightful reports and forecasts

    Real-time and frequent performance reports which enable better planning and management.


Grow your business with RetailPay

Together with you, we unlock new possibilities